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My name is Elif and I wear many hats:

Culinary Artist: Bohemian Baklava
Owner: Kahve Cafe
Creator: The Divorcee Cafe

And now pulling all the strings together and weaving up The Wise Dragonfly.

In a nutshell, I am a high creative and my brains goes in a million different directions creating a million different things all at the same time.

I create eclectic environments and experiences where people feel loved, supported and fed ~ body & spirit.

I create environments that foster community, fast friends and family.

The Wise Dragonfly embodies all of that.




Kayle is such a sparkly soul! She loves to create art out of garbage and discarded things, pour resin jewelry and makes amazing coffee! Her shop is called: n0tkale_f0rsale.




I have never been the person who had to do all the things on my my own. 

I knew that I COULD do it on my own & mover forward w the visions but I didn’t have to if the right partner showed up.

I remember I had just had a meeting w my business strategist and she asked me : Do you have anyone you can partner with so that you don’t have to do this all on your own?

I remember shaking me head “No”. At the time, there wasn’t anyone who was willing to match my effort of creation.

The next day, I met up w Wendy to talk about tea for her Urban Hemp & Cannabis  store. She looked at me and straight up asked if I was open to having a partner with all that I was doing.

Yes! I would be open if that partner was actually going to HELP me. 

She comes w so much experience w running The Energy Emporium years ago, had The Tao of Home, and now runs Urban Hemp & Cannabis by Trolley sq.

She has been instrumental in really moving this whole process along and I don’t think we would be as far along as we are without her and her connections! 


Miss Amanda

Hello and thank you for checking out Tattoos by Miss Amanda

Miss Amanda is a tattoo artist that strives to make each tattoo a living work of art. Customizing each tattoo for the individual, a unique piece of art designed with the wearer in mind. Being an artist her entire life, she has an extensive background in multiple mediums. This gives her a wide range of inspiration that she extends into each of her tattoos.  

Miss Amanda was born and raised on the East Coast in southern Maryland. With a love and talent for art from early on, and after studying art in college, it seemed only natural to pursue a career creating permanent works of art on the skin! She began working in and around tattoo shops in 2001 and after constant vigilance finally began her tattoo career in 2005. After tattooing in two shops on the east coast, her and her husband decided to head west and settle in beautiful Salt Lake City. 

Her latest venture is opening @ebbandflowcreativestudios , both a private studio here in SLC, and a small studio in Rincon, Puerto Rico! 

There with her husband @tattoosbyrickm she hopes to promote destination tattoos! 

Why not make a vacation out of getting some amazing ink!




Chyna ~ Mieze Watercolors

mieze like pizza 


Cat – in German

Meet Chyna from  Mieze Watercolors.

Mieze is handmade watercolor shop owned by Chyna. She will be holding classes and workshops as well as hosting a monthly rotation of handpicked local vendors in the space. You can stop by for plants, art, art supplies and more.




Clem, founder of Clem Seo,  an SEO and branding consultant working with creatives and other small to medium business owners to set up or improve their brand exposure online.

She was born and raised in Northern France and left to live in England at the age of 18 in the search of exciting adventures.

A lifelong learner, she will spend the next 15 years living and traveling in various countries, namely the UK, Italy and Hungary. Having delved into her love for languages and cultures working in education, translation, accounting, corporate banking and tech, she founded ClemSEO to combine her passions for teaching and the SEO industry.

As an SEO Consultant, she will work with you to develop your brand online to optimize your website through on-page and off-page work and improve your exposure so that you can become one of the experts in your vertical.