I have never been the person who had to do all the things on my my own. 

I knew that I COULD do it on my own & mover forward w the visions but I didn’t have to if the right partner showed up.

I remember I had just had a meeting w my business strategist and she asked me : Do you have anyone you can partner with so that you don’t have to do this all on your own?

I remember shaking me head “No”. At the time, there wasn’t anyone who was willing to match my effort of creation.

The next day, I met up w Wendy to talk about tea for her Urban Hemp & Cannabis  store. She looked at me and straight up asked if I was open to having a partner with all that I was doing.

Yes! I would be open if that partner was actually going to HELP me. 

She comes w so much experience w running The Energy Emporium years ago, had The Tao of Home, and now runs Urban Hemp & Cannabis by Trolley sq.

She has been instrumental in really moving this whole process along and I don’t think we would be as far along as we are without her and her connections!